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Blog for Little Miss Geek: Humanities Students Make Great Geeks

The lovely folks over at Little Miss Geek, who run an initiative designed to inspire more women and girls to get into technical careers, allowed me to write a post for them on why humanities students make great geeks.  Digital technology pervades all aspects of our lives and careers, a trend that looks like it’s … Continue reading

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Seams: Private and Public in Digital Lives

Last Tuesday night I was fortunate enough to hear Genevieve Bell, anthropologist, future-thinker, and director of Intel Corporation’s Interaction and Experience Research, speak. It was a really compelling talk with lots of big thoughts. There was a small one I wanted to pick up on, though: in a discussion about seamless technology integration, Bell told … Continue reading


Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can’t See: a Guest Post for Quite Irregular

My friend and colleague Jem Bloomfield has once again allowed me to insinuate myself into his Quite Irregular blog, this time with some thoughts on blindfolded musicians.  I wrote this after the image of a blindfolded pianist glimpsed during the National Theatre’s current production of Edward II put me in mind of blindfolded musicians in … Continue reading