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Welcome to Caitiewrites/Goodbye from Caitiewrites


You’ve landed on the Caitiewrites blog. This blog has now been migrated to In a Merry Hour (  Please make your way over there for all new posts from January 2013 onwards.  Thank you for dropping in.

This blog will remain as an archive of previous posts.

If you have any problems accessing bits of the blog or with your rss subscription email me and I shall endeavour to rectify them forthwith.

House rules

I moderate comments the first time you leave them, mainly to prevent spam-bots.

All opinions are my own and do not reflect on my employer.

Everything is (c) Caitlin McDonald. All rights reserved.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Caitiewrites/Goodbye from Caitiewrites

  1. Sorry honey, couldn’t get blog entry to open. Took me to page for comment registration and to page for related entries but couldn’t ppen this new one. Love mom

  2. Sorry, Cait. I could not find the rest of “In a Merry Hour” when I clicked on ‘Read more of this post’ nor could I find it on ‘recent blogs’. Looking forward to it when glitch is found. m/

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