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The Heart-Stealing The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart at the London Welsh Centre

My first five-star review for One Stop Arts! If someone were to design a piece of theatre expressly for me, it could not have been more to my taste than The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart. Strong in all production areas, David Greig’s writing supports creative and energetic performances from Melody Grove, Paul McCole, David … Continue reading


The Opera Caped Crusader

I speak frequently and with affection about my velvet opera cape.   All academics are especially fond of playing dress-up: in formal situations we wear long black robes with silk cowls, oddly-shaped sleeves, and some seriously natty headgear.  You may have thought I got my PhD because I have a deep and abiding love of Learning.  … Continue reading

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There’s More Romance in a Subterranean Refuge than My House

As I write this it’s been two weeks since the Chilean miners were rescued.  And what a joyous, inspiring television spectacle that was, wasn’t it?  I joined about a billion people watching the live coverage worldwide as the miners were slowly shifted from their underground refuge to the surface.  The whole world held its breath … Continue reading