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Guest Post for Quite Irregular: Images of Britain in Literary TV Adaptations

Quite Irregular is running a series on adaptations, of which mine is the inaugural post. Please have a wander over and look at It Was Acceptable in the 80s: ITV Adaptations and Images of British Heritage. Excerpt below! I believe there are three series, all produced for ITV in the late 80s and early 90s, … Continue reading

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Anthropological Anxieties

I’ve been watching Grayson Perry’s series on the English class boundaries around ‘taste’ (titled helpfully ‘In the Best Possible Taste’). His research was ultimately aimed towards creating six large tapestries, but as the techniques he’s using to do the research are largely anthropological in nature it brought home for me again some of the anxieties … Continue reading


The Day the Ravers Came

There’s an empty laboratory across the street from my house.  I like to call it abandoned, but  it isn’t really–it’s just been vacant since the Middlesex Hospital was destroyed.  I’ve seen workmen in there doing industrious things from time to time, so it can’t really be called abandoned. But it’s empty enough.  Enough for a … Continue reading