The Opera Caped Crusader

I speak frequently and with affection about my velvet opera cape.   All academics are especially fond of playing dress-up: in formal situations we wear long black robes with silk cowls, oddly-shaped sleeves, and some seriously natty headgear.  You may have thought I got my PhD because I have a deep and abiding love of Learning.  … Continue reading

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The Tempest

I went to see The Tempest at the RSC Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon while I was there. This was the first performance of that particular play I’d ever seen, though I was vaguely familiar with the plot. To start with the theatre itself: what an absolutely remarkable building. The play’s staging made full use of the … Continue reading

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Watching and Listening

I find magic captivating. There is something about the illusion of rising beyond the mundane, the tantalizing imagined possibility of defying physics and chemistry and logic and even death that unfailingly draws me in. And it’s not just me: every seat at ‘Show and Tell’, Barry and Stuart’s show at the Bloomsbury Theatre was sold … Continue reading

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Staged Magic

I went to the last performance of ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ at the Old Vic.  When I entered the theatre clouds of frankincense wafted over me.  What an evocative scent, one that will always remind me of trying to find calm in a turbulent time.  I burned frankincense candles in Egypt when all was going … Continue reading