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Clean, Sharp Comic Work: Immaculate at the White Bear Theatre

Thundermaker’s Immaculate is a hilarious and clever look at the problem of approaching the supernatural in modern-day life. Is there still room for elevated notions of the soul, divinity, and the existential problem of free will in a world of flat-pack furniture and irritating mobile phone ringtones? Or will it turn out these questions are inescapable no … Continue reading


The Reviewing, in Review: 10 Reviews for One Stop Arts

I am really enjoying this reviewing racket–it combines many of my favourite things: theatre, writing, and travelling around London finding brilliant new spaces I never knew existed.  I’ve now done ten for One Stop Arts and in celebration I’m sharing with you my top five Essential Reviewer Kit Items.  (Why five and not ten?  I’m efficient.  I like to travel … Continue reading

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Open Your Eyes to Very Still and Hard to See by Steve Yockey at the Etcetera Theatre

BeLT’s Very Still and Hard to See builds a dark ambience from a thoughtful script by Steve Yockey. While the premise is an encounter with an external manifestation of evil, as the show progresses it becomes clear that it is actually an exploration of the evil already existing within ourselves. At the Etcetera Theatre. Read … Continue reading