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One Stop Arts review: Fitzrovia Radio Hour at the Horse Hospital

At last, at last, I got to review the sublimely humorous Fitzrovia Radio Hour for a real, honest-to-goodness publication! Here’s the teaser: Watching the Fitzrovia Radio ensemble pad around on slippered feet at the Horse Hospital creating sound-pictures would make anyone want to be a foley artist. The dulcet sultry tones of Natalie Ball display … Continue reading


Olympics in the Air

The Olympics is slowly starting to infiltrate my life. Traveling to and from work now, I pass lanes of traffic readied for Olympian visitors, I pass cones and checkpoints, and I pass the temporary huts and bus stops of the impending Media Village in Russell Square. Olympics volunteers have begun to appear as well, milling … Continue reading


Night and Day

I was stuck.  I was on the bus, a friend had invited me to what sounded like a glittering intellectual evening at a literary salon in Shoreditch, and I was not moving forward.  I’d been on this bus for nearly an hour and probably could have walked as far as we’d gotten.  As the time … Continue reading